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Leading a graceful curve along the orbicular Roman colonnade, and then through the elegant gate as the receptionists greeting, we drive on the road which is far away from fuss and bustle. There, by the Dajinzhong Lake, at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, among a light green air, appears before you a magnificent palace—the Oriental Resort, the urban Xanadu.

Guangzhou Oriental Resort is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, which is well known as scenic spot of national 5A grade. Transportation of Oriental Resort is convenient. Oriental Resort is the best choice of vacation, meeting and business.

Culture is the noblest character of luxury. Guangzhou Oriental Resort blends the designing style of European classicism and Postmodernism. By right of the unique landform, by the lake and the mountain, it constructs harmony with nature and creates a grand royal atmosphere. Green trees imported from Australia,hundreds of sorts of rare plants,wide field of vision and fresh air,all of these give you the space to feel the beauty of nature。

Both the majestic building and the beautiful scenery are beyond your imagination。

The Oriental Resort has long been a legend for accommodating countless state guests and famous persons. The “red wall” once only opened for the noble is now ready for your experience.